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The Great Dog Debate

dog_paw_print_blackLately the hubby and I have been at odds with our boys, okay mainly our oldest, but nonetheless, we have been having some major head butting. Four little words have been driving us nuts for months. Wanna know what they are… “I WANT A DOG”!

Our boys desperately want a puppy in a bad way. We are asked daily if we are getting one, when we are getting one,  and most often “WHY NOT?” when we say NO!

There are several factors that are playing into the hubs and I saying no to adding a precious pet into the family. For starters, and this is a biggie, the hubs is allergic to dogs! Something my sweet son just doesn’t think is a big deal. Then there is me. Quite frankly I am not a “dog person”.  I really never have been. I don’t like dog hair, I don’t like slobber, I just don’t have the need to have a dog.  Also, I would consider us an on the go family, and I just feel like a dog wouldn’t fit.

Their desire for a dog has gotten so bad that we have had to quit taking them to PetsMart to see the animals. Every trip ends with two crying and screaming boys that I’m dragging out of the store yelling “I want a puppy”! I’m not exaggerating on this one.

We usually buy some time with “I’ll think about it”, or “we’ll see”, but within days the issue comes up again. Part of me feels like I am depriving them of a childhood staple. I feel so bad when we say no to their sweet faces, but I just really don’t want one. I know they would love it, be hands on,  play with him/her, and it would teach them so much about responsibility, but a dog is a serious commitment that I’m not sure I want to tackle.

The hubs and I are really at a decision is needed point. Do we or don’t we? I know that there are hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs out there and that over time we would all acclimate to a dog. My main fear is that I just don’t want to regret not seeing the joy of my boys having a pet. Sucking up our own fear and hesitation to give joy to our children is what good parents do, right?

We’ll see where this great dog debate takes us in the future, but for right now sweet little Spot the stuffed dog will have to do!

Any other families struggling with this issue?  Any stories to share about when you added a four-legged furry friend to your clan?


2 Responses to The Great Dog Debate

  1. Jackie Berry January 24, 2014 at 4:22 pm #

    Being a dog person myself I wouldn’t want my daughter not to have one. However, I know how big of a responsibility they are and yes they will bring much joy to your boys BUT it will be you and your hubby that take care of the dog not matter how much your boys tell you otherwise. If you and hubs really don’t want one, especially if there are allergies, I would say don’t do it. The desire will eventually pass and if it doesn’t, start with fish or a hamster so that they can prove they can care for an animal, then discuss the dog again later. That would buy you A LOT of time! Dogs are a lot of work, and if you’re not into it, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. Josh October 5, 2015 at 12:38 pm #

    I know this is an older thread, but my family has been down this route several times. I remember when I was little always wanting a dog – finally got one when I was about 12-13. That dog was one of the best things in my life, and I think every kid should have the opportunity to take care of a pet and have the responsibility for it (if it is truly reasonable for the family to do so). One thing to consider especially for busy families is getting help with an animal when you need it – it might be the difference between owning an animal successfully or not. When someone buys a home with a pool, if they cant keep up with it – they usually end up getting rid of the pool OR hiring a company to keep it clean, so the family gets the enjoyment and benefit of it without all of the labor or realizing they cant use it because someone forgot to check the chems. If a family wants a pet and has the resources to employ some help – it’s never a bad thing to hire a dog walker, pet sitter or pooper scooper so that the experience is enjoyable for the family and pet.
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