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Photo by Juan Manuel Giraldo Grisales on Unsplash

A Texas Trifecta: Guacamole, Queso Dip, and Margaritas

Sometimes the neighbors wander over after the kids’ playdate, or your friends or family at your vacation rental house want something to tide them over. We all need some super simple go-to snacks that keep people snacking until the grill is fired up. And we need recipes that are not measuring cup dependent. (Who can ever […]

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married man like my father

A Man Just like My Father: The Father of My Children

I wasn’t the girl who dreamed about her wedding, a knight-in-shining-armor, or some sort of white-picket-fence domesticity. Most of the time I was more absorbed in hanging out with my friends, building forts, creating and writing columns for fake newspapers, or catching tiny frogs and lightning bugs in jars. But I do remember consistently thinking I […]

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flowers on a budget

Fresh Flowers on a Budget

Since being married, our family has fallen everywhere on the financial spectrum, spending many years living a strict “envelope system” lifestyle. Even then, I managed to figure out a way to have fresh flowers in my home! I love the color, the life, and the warmth that they bring, and I always made sure that […]

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