Passionate About Fort Worth
and the Moms Who Live Here
  • August 2018
race-conscious kids

Raising Race-Conscious Kids

If your kids are young like mine, they may have never mentioned race. They choose playmates without regard to skin color. They have no prejudices, no biases. But our kids are not colorblind. They do notice differences. So we need to give them the words to talk about race and the freedom to have the […]

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hot topics

Let’s Talk About S-E-X, Baby

For me, the sex talk was much more than talking about what changes to expect when puberty hits, and the technical aspects of sex, although that was definitely part of it. I also wanted my boys to have no doubt in their minds what the definition of consensual sex is, and for them to understand all of […]

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HPV Vaccine

HPV Vaccine Myths Debunked

There is more aluminum in a piece of fresh fruit than there is in a dose of HPV vaccine. Aluminum is used in an extremely low dose to help the body form an immune response using a smaller amount of vaccine. So yes, HPV vaccine does contain aluminum — but so does fruit, veggies, meat, […]

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