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New Mama, It Gets Easier

Just Give It Two Weeks I remember my favorite postpartum nurse giving me this advice before I took our baby home from the hospital. Wrenn was only two days old, and neither of us could get the hang of this nursing thing. She couldn’t latch; she couldn’t stay latched; she couldn’t stay awake during feedings. […]

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The Dreaded Nap Transition

As a toddler mom, I LIVE for nap-time each day. After dealing with milk spills, epic tantrums, and super smelly diapers, it is the time each day that I have EARNED. Time for me to work, eat, sleep, or catch up on this week’s episode of Parenthood (which, don’t get me started on that season […]

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What do you mean it is 4am and I need to go back to sleep?

No Sleep? No Problem!

I have a little gal in my life who doesn’t like to sleep.  She never has. She somehow survives on a LOT less sleep than most children. She is 2.5 years old and hasn’t taken a consistent daytime nap since she was under 2, has a hard time falling asleep, and occasionally she decides she is up and ready […]

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