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How to Survive Bed Rest

At 27 weeks pregnant with my first child, I was working full time and was just starting to feel the discomforts of pregnancy. I joked at work about how glorious it would be to have doctors’ orders for bed rest. Little did I know that after attending my first baby shower on a Sunday afternoon, I […]

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Joining Club Miscarriage

If the title of this post seems glib, please forgive me. I have just been drop-kicked into a secret club of which I wanted no part. Miscarriage, defined as the loss of pregnancy prior to 20 weeks gestation, occurs in 10 – 20 percent of pregnancies. I think somehow we perceive a miscarriage as “normal” or […]

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Placental encapsulation wild idea

My Two (Pla) Cents

“You wanna WHAT your HUH?” said my sweet, traditional husband. “Eat my placentas,” I repeated, “like in a pill. People do it. It’s not weird.” Surprisingly, he didn’t vomit on the spot, nor did he really ask any follow up questions. Just nodded. By that time in my pregnancy, he had experienced 7 months of emotional […]

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Quick Tips to Beat Pregnancy Discomfort {Sponsored Post by Dr. Catherine Bevan}

Disclaimer :: These wildly helpful tips for all our pregnant friends is happily sponsored and written by Dr. Catherine Bevan, a local Tarrant County OB/GYN. Discomforts of pregnancy, especially in the summer, are REAL. Beat the heat with these helpful tips: Go swimming! The buoyancy your body experiences while swimming is a great way to […]

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we all need a hand

We All Need a Hand Sometimes

The phone rang at 5:00 in the morning. Surely someone has died, I thought. Why else would I get a call at this hour? It was my cousin. His wife’s water had broken; they were on their way to the hospital. Could I meet them there to watch their three-year-old daughter Peyton for a bit, […]

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Overdue and Over It? Here Are 10 Animal Mamas Who Are Sure to Cheer You Up

From the second the doctor calculated your due date, your brain started ticking down the seconds to that blessed day when you would finally meet your new bundle and regain your daintiness. That “blessed day” has now long passed and there is still a tiny (you hope) human occupying your womb motel. Your maternity shirts no longer cover your sagging pregnant belly, […]

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