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Mom vs. Screen: One Family’s Attempt to Follow “No Screen Time Until Age Two”

By now, you probably know the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents avoid exposing their infants and children (under age two) to screens of any kind (e.g. TV, smart phones, iPads, etc.). This makes a lot of sense, right? Those little brains are specially geared toward learning through hands-on exploration and face-to-face interaction. That, and the research confirms that […]

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Summertime schedule

Our Summer{TIME} Budget

“Love is infinite. Time and money are not.” This is the trinket of wisdom our pediatrician gave me when I told him I was worried about how I was going to handle our second born. Boy, was he right. Our son holds my heart just as much as my daughter does, and time seems to […]

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Why My Toddleris on a Leash

Why My Toddler Is on a Leash

We all do things as parents that we swore we’d never do. We venture into parenthood with high hopes and concrete ideals, but, little by little, we learn to choose our battles, to do what works, to do what keeps the peace. I have learned, and will keep learning, I assume, to never say never. […]

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