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Easy Like Sunday Morning

I have learned not to complain to my mom about my kids and their antics. I am raising two children. She raised six. She has lived every story I have, many times over. I have no problem saying my mother was a parenting superstar, especially on Sundays. Every Sunday morning of my childhood, my mother […]

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Best Boy Ever

Embracing My Child “As Is”

It Took About 30 Seconds The sonographer pointed to what was apparently NOT an arm, wrote “It’s A BOY!” on the screen, and I had his entire childhood mapped out. He would love books and be gregarious like me, in addition to being brilliant in math and science like his father. He would play soccer […]

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crying boy

Lifting Mamas Up, One Failure at a Time

Finally. The bedtime stalling has ceased, and both kids are tightly tucked into their cozy beds. I can’t get myself downstairs fast enough to work that sticky Blue Bell lid right off the carton, fill my bowl to the brim, and then smother it with Hershey’s chocolate. It’s just another night of motherhood with my nighttime […]

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