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Choosing Us

Momfession Monday: Choosing Us

I question if I am making the right decision for my children to live in a house that is occasionally ripe with tension, knowing they pick up on my unease and feelings of uncertainty. I worry about the day when things fall apart and they are old enough to really understand. I ask myself if […]

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pregnancy test hidden

Momfession Monday: Coping with My Completely Accidental, Contentiously Conceived Pregnancy

For a while, I felt as though I wasn’t “allowed” to feel happy or excited about my completely accidental, contentiously conceived pregnancy. I felt as though I shouldn’t talk about it, shouldn’t acknowledge the horrible symptoms that come along with the first trimester, should try to pretend it wasn’t happening.

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Five Sneaky Ways to Reconnect with Your Spouse

I’ve been married for a little more than 10 years. My husband and I both have full-time jobs, part-time side gigs, church and family responsibilities, and our two kids. If you would’ve asked me a few weeks ago how we’re doing, I would’ve said “We’ve got this parenthood thing down!” That is, until my husband and I […]

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When Husband Becomes Daddy

Everywhere you look online, you can find articles about the various ways having kids may strain your marriage: less sleep, more expenses, more people to wrangle, less time for each other, etc. For better or worse, kids will definitely alter your marriage. They may also change the way you see your husband. Qualities that may […]

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