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bathing suits

The Mom-Bod Swimsuit Conundrum

Pools . . . splash pads . . . beaches (in my dreams, more like sprinklers) . . . and lakes. Are you kidding me?! What is the common denominator here? Oh my gracious, I need a new swimsuit! Y’all, I have enjoyed the comfort food of the winter months a little too much, and so […]

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Love your outfit

Why Shop When You Can SWAP?

Have you ever looked through your closet and realized there are many items you just don’t wear any more? How many times have you put on that really cute top you just couldn’t pass up, but never actually walk out of the house wearing it? Do you have lots of sizes/categories in your closet? (For […]

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Bare Minimum: A New Mom’s Guide to Beauty

See that woman in the bathroom mirror? She looks tired. She IS tired. She’s had 12 hours of sleep over the course of a week, happy/sad/just-plain-tired cried so much that her eyelids seem to be enveloping her bloodshot eyes, and hasn’t had a well-balanced meal in weeks. She looks older, but maybe not wiser as […]

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mom working at bench

Sabrinah Renee, Boutique Jeweler {2015 Moms Who Mean Business}

Sabrinah Renee, Boutique Jeweler offers one-of-a-kind, hand crafted jewelry that incorporates holistic healing and healing gemstones.  The craft of hand-weaving wire jewelry is an art just as much as it is a product. Each piece is unique, made individually, and comes from my heart and soul. I did not begin my adult life in the […]

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Me? Shop with a Stylist? {Sponsored by SIDE by STYLE}

Disclaimer :: When SIDE by STYLE contacted the Fort Worth Moms Blog, we were more than a little bit excited. SIDE by STYLE offered one of our contributors a two-hour shopping excursion with a personal stylist. While SIDE by STYLE sponsored this post, the following review is an honest and thorough account of the shopping experience […]

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