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Saying, "I'm Sorry"

It was a solitary day with no adult interaction and worst of all…no naps. It was a bath time gone awry and there was much water splashing and one tired mommy. It was a little girl in Target who would just not stop running away. It was a mommy struggling with postpartum depression and a two-year […]

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Toddler Tantrum Throwdown

Who said the twos were terrible? Why do they call them the “terrible twos” when in our experience, the moment my son Connor turned 3 he seemed to morph into a toddler fit throwing fiasco. I’m not saying that the twos were easy breezy, but the tides seemed to turn at the age of 3. […]

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Taming Toddler Tantrums: The Seesaw Effect

You know the scene: Cutest little 2-year-old you’ve ever seen transforms into a maniac, rolling on the floor, clenching fists, and sobbing in deep desperation and sorrow because she’s just realized her cup holds milk instead of juice. Or she dropped her book. Or a fly buzzed by. Or the bubble popped before she reached […]

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