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Guiding Children Through Grief // The WARM Place

After experiencing the devastating effects of her 14-year-old son Michael’s death in 1984, Peggy Bohme, co-founder of The WARM Place, reached out to her nine-year-old daughter’s pediatrician in search of a place where Meghan could grapple with her own feelings of loss and receive additional emotional support. Her pediatrician, Dr. John Richardson, explained how such a place […]

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Choosing Not to Spank

I grew up in a family that often used spanking as a tool for discipline. While I was dealt my share of spankings, my older brother received the majority. Aside from being in trouble less often, spankings simply were not necessary for me. I was the kid who crumbled when I disappointed my parents. I didn’t need […]

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The Ideal Age Gap Between Siblings?

My sister and I are almost six years apart in age.  When I was starting kindergarten, she was beginning middle school.  She left for college when I was entering high school and for most of my teen years I felt like an only child.  We rarely had similar interests, and I always thought the age […]

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