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Merry christmas & happy reading

Merry Reading! The Best Holiday Books for Kids

I feel like Christmas sneaks up on me every year. I don’t have all my decorations out until the night before, I can’t seem to pull gifts together until the last minute, and books about Christmas usually come from the check-out aisle at Tom Thumb. I was happy to volunteer for this post in order […]

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Let's Read About Autumn copy

Let’s Read About Autumn!

It’s fall, y’all! I always get excited about this particular season change—drawing pictures of pumpkins on our dry-erase calendar, making substitutions in my closet (hello, boots!), and even deviating from my usual Starbucks order. My kids, on the other hand, hardly seem to notice. I get it. Children have an abstract sense of time and take each day as it comes—a beautiful […]

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A Summer Reading List for Moms

No summer vacation is complete without screaming toddlers, a never-ending road trip, and a fun, intriguing book to read on the beach, preferably uninterrupted, but we’ll take whatever we can get. Without further ado, here are a few must read fiction and nonfiction books for  summer 2015. The Girl on the Train is a “Hitchcockian” […]

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Mom Necessities for the New Year

As I look out on a fresh year, and as I start filling in my empty, full of possibilities May Designs calendar, I can’t help but get excited. Last year had its share of joys and sorrows, and I am confident that 2015 will be one of those years that stands out as being great . . […]

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Page Turners for 2015

I love to read and want to share book suggestions for the New Year. I enjoying being absorbed into a book. It’s an invitation to forget about dirty dishes and meal planning and enter into another world. I read non-fiction to help keep my mind sharp and not entirely cluttered with little things; and I […]

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