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dear grandsons

To the Grandsons I Never Met

Dear Grandsons, This is your Granddaddy. The guy whose baby photo sits alongside yours on the bookcase. See that guy in camo gear and a fancy watch holding that baby girl tightly in his arms in the photo on another shelf? That baby girl is your momma, and I am her proud Dada. I never got to […]

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While the threes can be tiring, I wouldn't trade anything for this time ... this boy.

Clear Mind, Better Mama: How I Hope Meditating Will Help Guide Me Through Motherhood

The long and the short of it is that it took me more than three years to get pregnant. Being the eternal optimist, bright-side seeker that I am, I reasoned that it allowed me the experience and the time I needed to develop skills, like patience and consistency, that I knew I would draw on when raising […]

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Mom's Last Mother's Day

Why I Don’t Like Mother’s Day

I’m not a fan of most bank holidays–Columbus Day, Washington’s Birthday, the holidays that mean business doesn’t run as usual, but no need to fire up the grill. I also am not particularly fond of Valentine’s Day: highly commercialized, overpriced flowers, and unrealistic expectations. I like LOVE, just not Valentine’s Day. I have nothing against […]

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