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Tales from the Halloween Grinch: A Mom Who Can’t Even Halloween

Each year, it seems like stores everywhere unveil their Halloween displays earlier and earlier. Up go Costco’s princess and superhero costumes in August. Down the aisles of Target are rows of overpriced, fun-sized candies in September. School has hardly started before some very together mom-friends of mine have Halloween costumes planned, coordinated, and laid neatly at the […]

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Four Ways to Model Gratitude This Holiday Season

I’ve been mulling over this post for a while. And originally, when I considered writing about thankfulness, my mind zipped around in an idealistic Facebooky/Pinteresty sort of way: something organized, something that could involve my children, something they’d learn from, and something I could brag about explain on this blog and look like a hot shot and […]

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Let's Read About Autumn copy

Let’s Read About Autumn!

It’s fall, y’all! I always get excited about this particular season change—drawing pictures of pumpkins on our dry-erase calendar, making substitutions in my closet (hello, boots!), and even deviating from my usual Starbucks order. My kids, on the other hand, hardly seem to notice. I get it. Children have an abstract sense of time and take each day as it comes—a beautiful […]

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