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Make New Year’s Eve Matter

We are on the threshold of another year, the calendar changing once again as we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new. I don’t know about your life, but in my own, I find that in the myriad of transitions I make each moment, I rarely stop to reflect. I long to take […]

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Cultivating Compassion

Chances are that many of us remember our parents going for the guilt-trip to get us to eat those peas: “Eat your food. There are children starving in Africa.” It’s a rather unhelpful sentiment because (1) the two are by no means intrinsically related (as if eating your peas could cure world hunger), and (2) calling […]

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Dear Kindergarten Mom

Dear Kindergarten Mom, The moment you have simultaneously dreaded and anticipated for more than a half a decade is finally here: Your child’s first day of kindergarten. The first day of school is a mix of emotions, to be sure; on the one hand, you celebrate your child’s newfound independence (not to mention yours!), and, […]

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Sunscreen Safety

Sunscreen Safety

We moms know all about the importance of sunscreen, but the amount of options and applications available can be overwhelming. This post helps us navigate the choices, the cautions, and the coverage that will keep our family healthy and safe in the sun. Which Sunscreen Is Safest? Here are a few simple tips to keep […]

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