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Love My Local

Love My Local (Near Southside and Worth the Drive!) Edition

We have lived in the Near Southside of Fort Worth for more than a decade (in Berkeley Place and Fairmount), where we enjoy being centrally located to cultural and culinary gems in the city. I complain about having to drive outside of the few mile radius, only because there is so much to do and discover […]

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happily ever after

How I Met Your Father :: Surprised by Joy

Dear Children, I know you have seen the animated movies and heard the fairytales of “happily ever after” romances that come in surprising circumstances and to unsuspecting people. You know the ways that love surprises: It’s the shoe that fits, the kiss that awakens, the love-at-first-sight that breaks down any barriers of social class and distinction. […]

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house cleaning

Sparking Joy and Living Simply

On a recent Saturday, my daughter and I completed some serious spring cleaning in her room that was long overdue. As we meticulously went through each drawer, hanger, and shelf, we made piles for recycling, trash, and donations. Some items were easy to categorize: Clothes that were too small, toys no longer touched, parts of […]

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hand, writing, close up

The Heart of Letter Writing

As a busy mom who manages a full household schedule week in and week out, one of the simple pleasures in life is receiving a personalized letter in the mail. Amid all the junk mail, catalogs, and bills that fill our mailbox, an envelope with familiar handwriting is a welcome sight of personal connection. Of […]

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Should You Have a Baby Shower for the Second Child?

Have you ever wondered for yourself or on behalf of a pregnant friend: Should there be a baby shower for the second (or third, fourth, so on) child? What’s the proper protocol or etiquette? Are friends and family tired of feeling obligated to buy yet another gift for the same family? And based on my […]

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Martin Luther King Jr art

MLK Matters

For many of us with school-age children, the third Monday of January is a national holiday and a day off from school. Although President Reagan instituted it as a federal holiday in the 1980s, it wasn’t until  2000 when all 50 states observed it. Maybe that is why I have little memory of either getting the day […]

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Andrew Mobile

Kids Can Volunteer, Too!

As I mentioned in a previous post, we can cultivate compassion within our children by providing frequent opportunities for outreach and service. Generally, kids enjoy being helpful and doing something for others. Sometimes, though, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Will certain activities be age-appropriate? Is there something we can do from home? How […]

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