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Please Tell the Kids I Love Them: When Being a Working Mom Isn’t Working

There are seasons when the work/motherhood balance is not just demanding; it’s, frankly, delusional. Juggling meetings, schedules, babysitters, and to-do lists can leave me feeling more like a manager than a mother. Who has which homework due tomorrow? Who has which extra-curricular activity this week? Not to mention the challenge of quality time with my […]

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Home for the Holidays?

For many, the holidays are a time for family reunions and connections, when generations gather around tables to enjoy meals and make memories. Yet, disagreements and divisions within families can range from awkwardness to arguments and even estrangement in some cases. Be it old resentments or jealous rivalries or differences in politics or religion, since […]

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Love My Local

Love My Local (Near Southside and Worth the Drive!) Edition

We have lived in the Near Southside of Fort Worth for more than a decade (in Berkeley Place and Fairmount), where we enjoy being centrally located to cultural and culinary gems in the city. I complain about having to drive outside of the few mile radius, only because there is so much to do and discover […]

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happily ever after

How I Met Your Father :: Surprised by Joy

Dear Children, I know you have seen the animated movies and heard the fairytales of “happily ever after” romances that come in surprising circumstances and to unsuspecting people. You know the ways that love surprises: It’s the shoe that fits, the kiss that awakens, the love-at-first-sight that breaks down any barriers of social class and distinction. […]

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