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How the Apple Watch Has Changed My Mother-Loving Life

Instead of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook constantly alerting me, I know when I’m legitimately needed. Let me tell you, this has freed me up to be so much more present with my children, friends, and husband. I’m not stuck nursing my phone, losing myself in the endless scrollings of Facebook, and filling my brain with […]

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Tattooed woman

Mama’s Guide to Getting Inked

I know what you’re thinking, “A tattoo? But I’m a mom! Moms can’t get tattoos.” Au contraire. You absolutely can, and should, get a tattoo. Here’s the deal, you’re {likely} not a careless teenager anymore. What you like now, you will like for more of your life than not. Which means, you’re less likely to […]

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Hiring a Doula {Tips from the Inside}

Hiring a doula to be a part of your birth journey is a big decision. The right doula can add education, comfort, and direction to your labor and delivery. She can help you come up with a game plan before labor and modifications as needed during labor. She might even be able to shorten the length of […]

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Mother and son

Dear Son, I Miss Enjoying You

My keyboard is drenched in tears. Each key sopping with disappointment and exhaustion. My eyes are red and hot. As I type this, we are just hours past the meltdown of my career as your mother. Motherhood is full of peaks and valleys, and, lately, our valley has felt vast beyond measure. I’m not sure when I […]

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Momin’ Under Pressure and Trusting Intuition

When I first became a mom, I obsessed over dramatic scenarios that could endanger my new, helpless baby. Not only was I petrified for my son’s safety, but I also agonized over my potential response to the situation. Would I lose my mind or would I remain calm? Would I react quickly enough or would I freeze in fear? Thankfully, none of my […]

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Finding Beauty in Monotony

We all know how exhausting motherhood can be. It’s dirty, loud, scheduled, and all-encompassing. To mother and mother well, we must put ourselves aside more often than most people are naturally inclined. We are tear-wipers, nose-blowers, toy-picker-uppers, chauffeurs, chefs, and more. A day in the life of a mom is not always beautiful to onlookers. […]

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