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Helicopter Moms, Hover On

Exactly what is a helicopter mom? From what I gather, a helicopter mom is a mother who is overly concerned with her children, not providing them space to grow, roam free, and become their own person. You know, like a hoverer of sorts. Here is my problem with the label “helicopter mom.” First of all, it […]

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superman cape

Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Supermom

My girlfriend and I recently talked about Supermom. The mom we longed to be, the one who comes in and transforms the disheveled lives we often experienced as mothers. The mom who does not know the bounds of time nor the limits of frailty. Supermom was powerfully put together, and as we drowned in the unknowns, […]

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Let’s Talk About Race, Baby

Sweet Kate. Every day I think about such a thing, and soon enough, my sons will be thinking about such a thing as well. The impedance of race is an undeniable weight. Conversation about race with our boys is a progression. Our sons love all people, just like we taught them. One day, sooner than […]

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taco recipe

Summer Meals: An Easy Budget and Time Saving Tip

It’s summertime! Who doesn’t have time to be in the kitchen fretting over meals? This mama right here. For my family, summer meals are light and refreshing, easy on time and on the budget. I’m going to share two dinner ideas I love to make, especially during summer. They are versatile and literally take less […]

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flowers and books

Hysterectomy Care and Support

Learning you need a hysterectomy can be scary. In most cases, a hysterectomy is not an elective surgery. A hysterectomy is a surgical operation to remove all or part of the uterus. In my own experience, I learned a hysterectomy is the second most common surgery among women in the United States (the most common surgery in […]

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dirty lifea

The Dirty Life of the Mom Mafia

It has been a week since I had unexpected surgery. My suburban housewife glees and woes were interrupted. My fear of not being available for those I care about came true. I received an untimely, yet pertinent reminder that life cannot revolve around creating a perfectly manicured world of highs for my family and friends. Life […]

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downloadgood mom

Such a Good Mom

Recently I have been having a discussion with myself about what makes a good mom. I realize I need to own a truth. Lately, I cringe at the phrase: You are such a good mom. I hear it often, and I say it to others — sounds like a robot at times. Picture this: Moms are […]

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