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I Want My Hot Mom Bod Back!

With the beginning of a new year, no matter how much we tell ourselves we will focus on more noble things, the reality is that many of us are focused on the following: I need to lose those 10 lbs I just gained over the holidays (or the past 5 years…whatever applies to you). Growing up I swore that I’d never let myself go or end up looking like my mother…..oh dear! Time is a funny thing isn’t it?

You may have read Anna’s post last week about having a healthy perspective on our bodies and appearance, and they way that spills into the lessons we teach our children about body image. As women we struggle to maintain a healthy body image for ourselves, battling the ever-present comparison that creeps in to all areas of life. Nonetheless, it is important to fight for our health and well-being, so this year I’m ready to do just that.

Let’s face it. After you have a baby (or multiple babies, for that matter), your body is never the same. I’m not saying it can’t be, but for me personally I don’t know how I’ll ever get back to my pre-baby bod. I breastfed (strictly pumped) for 14 months while working. My boobs are now equivalent of tether balls. I gained 70 pounds during my 41 week pregnancy and had a 10 pound kiddo. I now have this over-hang at the top of my pants every day. I do my best to disguise it….spanx truly are a mom’s dream, and I wear them proudly. But let’s be real – we’re just doing a little “fat shifting” around here.

My Mom recently lost almost 40 pounds following Weight Watchers. She’s inspired me to get my hot mom bod back. If she can do it at 54 then I can surely do it in my 30’s right??? I’m discouraged right now. I joined the gym hoping to motivate myself back to hot mom mode.

I’m not going to chop all my hair off and get high-rise jeans just yet….but I’m borderline.

So, this next year my goal is to reclaim my body, and I am motivated to actually stick with it. We’ve been trying to shop better, eat less sugar, and incorporate more protein. That’s really hard for me because I’m like 80% vegetarian. I got a ZipFit to count my calories and steps each day. I try to set an amount of steps I want to reach for the day and be accountable in that way. I’ve joined a gym with a kid’s program, and we are committed to going a few times a week. Thankfully Connor loves going to play while I work out in the evenings after work. He even motivates me to go because he loves to go play so much. I’d love to lose a good 30 pounds at least. I have major incentive now too as my twin sister is getting married in June so that’s sort of what I’ve set up as my deadline. Funny how weddings and events motivate us.



What tips do you have for getting healthy in the new year? 



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