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bid kid

Confessions of a Big Kid

The first thing people notice about my 16-month-old son Christopher is the same thing people first notice about me: We are BIG! Actually, the first thing most people notice about my son is his glorious curly hair, but his size is a close second. At his recent 15-month check up, his pediatrician told us he is […]

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Finding Beauty in Monotony

We all know how exhausting motherhood can be. It’s dirty, loud, scheduled, and all-encompassing. To mother and mother well, we must put ourselves aside more often than most people are naturally inclined. We are tear-wipers, nose-blowers, toy-picker-uppers, chauffeurs, chefs, and more. A day in the life of a mom is not always beautiful to onlookers. […]

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taco recipe

Summer Meals: An Easy Budget and Time Saving Tip

It’s summertime! Who doesn’t have time to be in the kitchen fretting over meals? This mama right here. For my family, summer meals are light and refreshing, easy on time and on the budget. I’m going to share two dinner ideas I love to make, especially during summer. They are versatile and literally take less […]

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Want to Save Time and Money on Skincare? Four Reasons to See a Pro {Sponsored}

Disclaimer :: Kirby Plastic Surgery sponsored this post and provided helpful information about the benefits of utilizing a professional skincare expert.  How many of us can honestly say that we take better care of our skin now than we did before little ones entered the picture? With so many people and activities demanding your time and energy, skincare […]

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