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Peanut Allergy

Dear Food Allergy Parent: You Are Noticed

For all parents, keeping a child alive and well and safe can be a challenge. It takes attention to detail and a lot of work to remind our children of the simple dangers that lurk all around, even in innocent places. We turn our backs for three seconds, and our toddler decides to see just how […]

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Best Boy Ever

Embracing My Child “As Is”

It Took About 30 Seconds The sonographer pointed to what was apparently NOT an arm, wrote “It’s A BOY!” on the screen, and I had his entire childhood mapped out. He would love books and be gregarious like me, in addition to being brilliant in math and science like his father. He would play soccer […]

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Plane, baby

International Travel — with a Baby!

We recently took our first family vacation with our six-month-old baby. Let me clarify: We traveled all the way around the globe to South Asia with our six-month old. And you know what? I absolutely loved it. I was originally a little stressed about packing and taking him to another continent. I know just driving […]

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Teal Pumpkin Project

Teal Is the New Orange: Halloween as a Food Allergy Mom

“Holiday stress” takes on new meaning when you are a food allergy mom. Large family gatherings, school parties, eating unfamiliar food while traveling, potluck meals, and gifts of homemade goodies are all opportunities for food allergens to sneak into the life of your food allergic child. Through lots of preparation (e.g., calling hosts in advance […]

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