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Extended Breastfeeding: Why I Nurse My Three Year Old

I’ve got a secret, y’all. I’m still breastfeeding my 3.5 year old. It’s okay . . . take a minute to collect yourselves. Get your smelling salts. If it makes you feel any better, three years ago I would have needed them, too. I don’t advertise that my little man is still occasionally nursing, but it’s nothing […]

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Three Ways to Simplify a Birthday Party

Happy Birthday! Do you remember when a kid’s birthday party used to consist of cake, opening presents, playing in the backyard, and hot dogs? I do, but in the last few years, they’ve morphed into events that rival weddings. Somehow every year you’re expected to host an event that entertains the children, impresses the parents, and […]

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An Incredible Vieux

Once every three months, your favorite Fort Worth Moms Blog contributors get together for a first-rate time of food, fun, and a few minutes of “getting down to business.” In July, we had the pleasure of meeting up at The Painted Vieux. Boy, were we inspired. The Eats Right off the bat, we found ourselves […]

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baby girl with breastmilk

Donor Milk: How to Get It, How to Give

I used to think everyone struggled to make enough milk. Because, come on, breastfeeding is just plain hard. So when my second-born daughter’s feeding issues catapulted us into a rare disease diagnosis and subsequent feeding tube surgery, I would soon learn another truth. Exclusive pumping is even harder. I loathed that tiny piece of modern machinery, but I wasn’t […]

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