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Santa, the Easter Bunny, and Supermom

My girlfriend and I recently talked about Supermom. The mom we longed to be, the one who comes in and transforms the disheveled lives we often experienced as mothers. The mom who does not know the bounds of time nor the limits of frailty. Supermom was powerfully put together, and as we drowned in the unknowns, […]

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The Family that Eats Together

Growing up, we always ate dinner together as a family. Before you tell me your family has too much going on, know that I am one of four children, and all of us had our own extra curricular activities, including but not limited to piano, cheerleading, competitive gymnastics, and club swim team. Trust me, we […]

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North Texas Day of Giving 2016

This is the day. A fabulous opportunity to give has arrived. The eighth annual North Texas Giving Day is taking place today, September 22, 2016! What is this, you ask? North Texas Giving Day is a chance for people across the country — and even the globe — to come together in the spirit of […]

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Cutting the Cord: Not Just for Cable TV {Sponsored}

Disclaimer :: Dr. Catherine Bevan, a local OB/Gyn, sponsored and created this post based on her expertise. Imagine this scenario: You have been in labor for hours and hours and then you start pushing for a couple more hours with painful contractions. Finally, the joyful culmination of nine months of hard work is imminent. Every ounce […]

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